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“Wonderlust” Apple Event 2023, iPhone 15 Launch Scheduled

Apple recently unveiled the date for its new event, they are terming it as “Wonderlust” this time. On August 30, They sent out the invites to seek Apple fans’ participation in the Apple Event 2023. Apple is gearing up to steal the show with its annual fall event which is set to take place at Steve Jobs Theater on September 12, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

We’re going to be seeing the new iPhone 15 launch along with various other products such as Apple Watch, with only two weeks to go. Over time we have seen various rumors of the iPhone 15 being this or that, Well we can’t be sure about what Apple is going to bring in its new product lineup.

The tagline, “Wonderlust,” is a clever play on the word ‘wanderlust,’ hinting at a strong longing for exploration. However, the deeper meaning behind this mystique remains a puzzle. Only time will tell

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Apple iPhone 15 Launch Date and Specs (Apple Event 2023)

On September 12 iPhone 14As always, we will be seeing 4 new variants of iPhone 15. As far as we know, there is going to be iPhone 15 and Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and Pro Max, much like last year’s lineup. Due to pressure from the European Union, Apple is providing a USB-C Charging port on its latest iPhone lineup and ditching the lightning port, looking forward to having a universal slot for all device users, that’s interesting (no more asking for dedicated iPhone chargers from others).

While specifics remain unclear, it’s highly likely that all new iPhone models will feature a USB-C port.

Apple iPhone 15 Launch Date and Specs (Apple Event 2023)

One key thing is that we can see the iPhone 14 Pro Models’ most anticipated feature – Dynamic Island on iPhone 15 and Plus models Also this time, that is going to be a good addition to the front iPhone models. However, don’t anticipate significant screen improvements. Display expert Ross Young suggests that base iPhone 15 models may not receive the high refresh rate found in the Pro models.

In terms of charging, reports suggest that all four iPhone 15 models will support 15-watt wireless charging using the Qi2 open standard. This change could open doors for a wider range of wireless charging accessories, beyond Apple’s licensed MagSafe products.

The Pro models, iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are expected to undergo substantial transformations. Notably, the stainless steel frame will be replaced with a lighter titanium frame, reducing the overall weight.

Under the hood, these models are rumored to house the A17 chip, boasting a minuscule 3-nanometer processor—a significant advancement in Apple’s silicon technology. Additionally, thinner display bezels could give these phones a sleeker, more modern appearance.

One of the most exciting changes for Pro models is the introduction of a USB-C port that could support faster data transfer speeds and ProRes video files, differentiating them from the standard 15 and 15 Plus models.

While there were whispers of an iPhone 15 Pro Max being rebranded as the iPhone 15 Ultra, these speculations have dwindled in recent times. Similarly, the potential introduction of an action button, akin to the Apple Watch Ultra, remains uncertain and will likely only be confirmed on the 12th.

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Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Series 9 seems poised to continue Apple’s tradition of incremental updates, with a possible new color addition. It is rumored to feature the S9 chip, promising enhanced performance and efficiency, which could translate to improved battery life.

For those interested in rugged and stylish wearables, the Apple Watch Ultra may get a second-generation version. If the rumors hold true, it could feature a faster chip and a striking black titanium finish, setting it apart in both aesthetics and performance.

That’s all about the upcoming Apple Event 2023, now all you have to do is wait and watch the charismatic event on 12 September to know if the rumors are true and whatnot. Stay Tuned! and we’ll bring some more feature-embedded apple news in the future.

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