Google Launches Gemini: Its Most Capable AI Model Yet For Bard

Google, a pioneer in various technological breakthroughs, reveals the latest Gemini model for Bard. How will this change the Conversational AI dynamics?

Recently, Google’s AI-chatbot Bard got its highest upgrade with the Gemini AI model, and users could not be happier.

As researchers race towards building an AI-powered world, the battle to produce the best AI chatbot gets fiercer, and the outcome of this hustle seems a win-win for all.

 Bard’s initial AI models LaMDA (2021-2023) and PaLM (May 2023), had limited interactive capabilities, propelling Chat-GPT to be at the frontier of AI-based chatbots. The launch of Gemini and now Gemini Pro (Dec 2023), with super-advanced attributes, has transformed AI development and the industry dynamics. Researchers suspect Gemini would be the biggest threat to ChatGPT.

 Gemini would be available in 3 sizes:

 Gemini Pro: Designed to operate on a broad range of tasks and is currently deployed across the Bard platform.

Gemini Ultra: Curated to be more complex and adept at solving complicated tasks.

Gemini Nano: The most efficient prototype for on-device tasks.

 While Gemini Pro has made headlines since its release, Google has not confirmed the release dates for ultra and nano. The advanced Gemini Ultra came out with flying colors with a score of 90.0% on a test called MMLU (massive multitask language understanding) in 57 subjects like physics, math, law, medicine, history, and more to check its problem-solving abilities and knowledge. For the first time in history, an AI model displayed more expertise than a subject matter expert in those benchmarks. Moreover, the Gemini Pro model powers the AlphaCode 2 AI system, predicted to be better than the best human programmers.

 The engineers at Google are confident they are creating some of the cutting-edge foundational building blocks. Enterprises and developers can later customize this to suit complex business needs.

 Gemini’s approach to multi-modality

The Multi-modality feature of Gemini implies its ability to operate on multiple modes of inputs and generate various modes of outputs listed below:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Code
  • Audio
  • Video

How does Gemini’s multi-modality model deliver results?

Multimodal models like Gemini are curated by combining text-only, vision-only, or audio-only models in a suboptimal way from the ground level up. This design empowers it to have conversations across various modalities and solve problems like humans.

 Gemini integrates these to perform complex reasoning in subjects like Mathematics and Physics and outperforms its peer chatbots in problem-solving and reasoning skills. No other present-day chatbot has data input features like image or audio that Gemini Pro boasts of. Currently, Gemini Pro cannot generate an image or video-based output, but that prospect is not very far away, considering how Google engineers are passionately innovating the model.

 Salient features of Gemini pro-powered Bard

 Bard has undergone a radical transformation and displays features never seen before in its previous versions or counterparts. Some of its salient features that have revolutionized conversational AI capabilities are:

 Incorporation of image as an input

With this feature, Gemini Pro has the superpower to read infographics and charts and arrive at analysis in three different formats within seconds. Such derivatives could take hours if done through human intervention. Moreover, it can save the data as a Google sheet for further edits and share it on public links like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Reddit. The chatbot can conjure a meaningful story around images you feed as input, as shown on Google’s official YouTube channel.

 Audio/Video/Code as an input

By incorporating Google’s Speech-to-Text API, Gemini Pro has the prowess to execute real-time audio-to-text conversion. User interactions would now feel more fluid rather than mere robotic. It can dive into YouTube videos and extract a list that gives you a gist of a long video in a bullet-point format.

 Extraction of relevance from a vast data set

Gemini-Pro can help extract insight or relevance from multiple documents and help research-paper writers simplify their jobs robustly.

Integration with Google Workspace

When swamped with work, there is often no time to search for an important email amidst a heap of emails. Bard, in its latest avatar, has its users covered. You can type simple prompts asking Bard to find out a particular task/email, and it will direct you to the relevant answer within seconds.

Since this is Google’s own chatbot, Bard can access anything stored on the Google- Workspace and derive critical information from Gmail, docs, sheets, or calendars. It can also help you get a gist of the latest doc or sheet you created, optimizing your time for other business activities. This integration simplifies chunks of activities that would have entailed hours of inspection and effort.

 One Crucial aspect for consideration: What about safety protocols?

Though technology advances with the right intention, it is susceptible to misuse and tampering. This technology caters to a thriving database of users, and because of its magnanimity, the researchers felt the need to adopt fool-proof safety protocols to safeguard the user’s interests. The combination of text and image as input can pose many safety-related threats or be offensive, so Google has approached this possibility responsibly. At Google DeepMind, highly experienced professionals have implemented effective protocols as armor against such probabilities. By including classifiers and filters at the backend and executing rigorous tests against those policies, they have made Gemini a safe and responsible model from the foundational stage.


Enriched with remarkable features, better-analyzing capabilities, and robustness, this thriving AI model can seamlessly demystify large-scale and complex information. No other chatbot has features like audio/video input, social media and Google Workspace integration, and complex problem-solving abilities like the Gemini Pro-powered Bard.

 The collective goal of generative AI has always been the same across developers: To make the world’s vital information easily accessible to one and all. Currently, we can safely conclude that Google, with this marvel, is at the forefront of AI-based innovation and released the best breakthroughs with limitless potency. If this evokes healthy competition in other technology-based enterprises and paves the way for more advanced technological solutions, we would be delighted to embrace that outcome.

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